Advanced Placement English

Credits: 12

English 12 Advanced Placement provides a prime opportunity to sharpen writing skills, enhance reading sophistication, and broaden knowledge via the study of challenging literature.   This course prepares students to write the English Literature Advanced Placement exam in May.  One advantage of taking that test is the possibility of earning equivalency credits for a first-year university English course, without taking or paying for that course.

Students can enjoy the high-level classroom discussions and learn from stimulating assignments.  Former Mt. Doug English AP students have commented on how well the course prepared them for university.

Despite the challenges, students who take this course should NOT have lowered expectations of a good mark.  English 12 AP serves as an excellent springboard for post-secondary studies in the humanities, and well serve those who go on to major in the sciences.  The course is not recommended for anyone who receives less than 80% in English 11.

AP English 12 at Mt. Douglas begins with one semester (or quarter) of Literary Studies 12, followed by a semester (or quarter) of English Studies 12. Those who complete the second part of the two-part course will receive an additional four credits for AP English Literature and Composition 12.

Those who complete English 12 AP earn a total of twelve credits for the following courses:

  • AP English Literature and Composition 12
  • English Studies 12 (required for graduation)
  • Literary Studies 12