Advanced Placement Statistics

Credits: 8
AP Statistics

  • Pre/Co-requisites: English 11 and Pre-Calculus Math 11 (86% or higher is recommended).
  • This course is offered inside the timetable four days a week in semester one, and outside the timetable once per week in semester two.

Big Ideas Include:

  • Variation and distribution
  • Patterns and Uncertainty
  • Data-based predictions, decisions, and conclusions

The course encourages and prepares students for advanced coursework in statistics or other fields using statistical reasoning and for active, informed engagement with a world of data to be interpreted appropriately and applied wisely to make informed decisions. AP Statistics defines content students must know and skills students must master in order to learn and retain an understanding of statistics they can apply in academic and everyday endeavors.

Course content includes descriptive statistics, probability models, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, and linear regression. Students may choose to write an AP Exam offered in May. Successful completion of the AP Exam may count towards an undergraduate degree.

*A fee is required for writing the optional AP Exam.

Students who take AP Statistics 12 will receive 8 credits for the following courses:

  • AP Statistics 12
  • Statistics 12

Four days a week in the timetable in semester one and one day a week after school in semester two