Automotive Technology 11

Credits: 4

As only one of a few schools on Lower Vancouver Island to offer this course, Mount Doug is extremely pleased to give students the chance to learn in a professional and safe learning space. Learners will be given the chance to operate a range of equipment and tools in a controlled environment. 

Students will disassemble and rebuild a four-cylinder engine, giving them hands-on experience with tools while learning how an engine and many of its components work. This includes how to do oil changes, brake pad replacements and other service operations which will save thousands of dollars over years. These processes will be taught as things we can do in our driveway. Automotive mechanical theory will also be explored, building a complete vision of how cars operate.

Although the content of this course may be more familiar after taking the Metal Work and Mechanics 9/10 class, first year students in the multi-purpose shop are always welcomed.