Chemistry 11

Credits: 4

Students will be introduced to a variety of different chemistry concepts related to the Big Ideas for this course.  Chemistry 11 is an academic course that prepares students to continue with their study of Chemistry at the grade 12 or post-secondary level.   

The Big Ideas include: 

  • Atoms and molecules are the building blocks of matter.
  • Solubility within a solution is determined by the nature of the solute and the solvent.
  • Matter and energy are conserved in chemical reactions.
  • The mole is a quantity used to make atoms and molecules measurable.
  • Organic chemistry and its applications have significant implications for human health, society, and the environment.

Additional topics include: lab safety, measurement & the metric system, graphing, significant figures, properties of matter, organization of the periodic table, inorganic naming/formulae, chemical bonding. Additional investigations may take place, such as biochemistry (at the teacher’s discretion). 

Chemistry 11 requires strong math skills and approximately 3-5 hours/week of study time outside of class.

Evaluation is based on (but not limited to): assignments, lab work and reports, project work, tests, quizzes and a school-wide final examination.

Recommended: Science 10 and Foundations of Mathematics & Pre-Calculus 10 with at least a B.