Climate Change 12

Credits: 4

Climate Change 12 dives into the science, technology, inequity, societal impact, politics, and economical consideration of humanity’s greatest challenge of the 21st century. Assessment will focus on activities that require opinion sharing, debating, game and role playing, research, projects, presentations, and a culminating semester project.  Climate Change 12 is an exciting and dynamic course open to both grade 11 and 12 students.

The Big Ideas include:

  • Causes, evidence of climate change
  • Impacts of climate change for humanity and our Earth
  • How jurisdictional and international policy and economic forces affect climate change
  • Solutions: individual, community, national, international
  • Developing critical thinking, opinion forming, and sharing 
  • Learning to use researched evidence to support a stance
  • Learning ways that individuals, organizations, communities, and humanity can help improve climate change

Students who successfully complete Climate Change 12 will gain credit for Environmental Science 12, which is an accepted academic course for many universities, including UVic and UBC. 

It can also be used as the Science 11/12 credit necessary for graduation.