Dance Choreography 11

Credits: 4

Come join our award-winning Choreography Class!

At the most recent GVPA Festival, the Mount Doug Choreography Class won the Young Choreographers Shield.

This course is designed for students with advanced skills in one or more styles of dance. The students in this course prepare a small-group routine that they enter in Festival. Styles choreographed in the past vary, including hip hop, jazz, contemporary, acro, tap, musical theatre and even Bollywood. Students also have the opportunity to create and/or be invited into solo, duet, trio or other small group performances.

Dance Choreography is a full year linear course running outside the timetable, usually one day per week at lunch and one day per week in your small group at a time set by the group.


Dance Choreography is a course open to all students who have either successfully completed an audition or have previously been given permission to register by the dance teacher. Students are required to register for BOTH Dance Choreography and Dance Company together, and one other dance program class of choice. Students new to Mount Doug may audition in September. 

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Meet your Teacher:

Hi! My name is Mrs. Morson and I teach dance and yoga at Mount Doug. I started dancing at the age of 4 and choreographing at the age of 7, and have continued studying dance and choreographing ever since. I have trained in ballet, jazz, hip hop, musical theatre, contemporary, modern and lyrical, and am currently studying tap and am part of a competitive jazz class at a local dance studio. In dance, there is always more to learn and opportunity for growth. As a dance teacher for more than 20 years, I am honoured to share my passion for dance with students. I hope you will join the Mount Doug Dance Program and share in the fun.