Dance Technique and Performance 09

Come join our award-winning dance program!

At the most recent GVPA Festival, the Mount Doug Dance Program won the Senior Secondary School Dance Award for top overall high school.

Dance Technique and Performance 9/10 is open to all junior students with previous dance experience.  The course exposes students to many different dance styles (jazz, hip-hop, contemporary, etc.) and aims to enable each student to develop his or her dance skills, fitness level, flexibility, and performance skills. Students in this course will be expected to perform in front of small and large audiences.

Requirements:  Students should have previous dance studio experience or relevant experience, such as gymnastics, figure skating, cheer or cultural dance. Students without any experience are directed to take Dance Foundations.

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Hi! My name is Mrs. Morson and I teach dance and yoga at Mount Doug. I started dancing at the age of 4 and choreographing at the age of 7, and have continued studying dance and choreographing ever since. I have trained in ballet, jazz, hip hop, musical theatre, contemporary, modern and lyrical, and am currently studying tap and am part of a competitive jazz class at a local dance studio. In dance, there is always more to learn and opportunity for growth. As a dance teacher for more than 20 years, I am honoured to share my passion for dance with students. I hope you will join the Mount Doug Dance Program and share in the fun.