Drafting 11

Credits: 4

This course is open to all students in grade 10. Course programs are developed based on level of experience:

First Year Drafting & Design Students (no prerequisite)

This computer based (CADD) course in Drafting, Design and Manufacturing will introduce students who are interested in engineering, architecture, computer animation, and drafting technology, to industry standard commercial software.

Areas of study include introductions to: the design process, 2D drawing and 3D modelling techniques, mechanical and architectural drafting, model rendering and presentation of computer-generated videos.

Students will work to manufacture and test prototypes with a variety of processes including: 3D printed parts, vinyl decals and laser cut materials.

Second Year Drafting & Design Students

Students who have previously taken Drafting in grade 9 will extend their skills and knowledge with intermediate and advanced drafting and modelling techniques. Application of knowledge is then applied to real-world design challenges where students are encouraged to: think creatively, work collaboratively and generate design concepts that solve problems.

Third Year Drafting & Design Students

Students who have previously taken Drafting in grades 9 and 10, will explore architectural design planning, drafting and development of working plans. Course content is project-based and includes time and space for students to: think creatively, work collaboratively, and problem-solve real-world design challenges.

Drafting and Design students have contributed to real-world design concepts within our school. See highlights of those designs here: Designing Mount Douglas