Environmental Leadership 12

Credits: 4

If you are interested in exploring  local ecosystems and global environmental dynamics while working with others to design and run events that  make a difference then this course is for you. Students in the P’Kol Environmental Leadership Program (KELP) will learn about issues in sustainability and work on group and/or individual projects to create change. 

This  year-long class centers around group processes,  environmental readings and reflection, individual research and projects,  guest speakers, webinars, volunteer activities, and field trips. Students will develop skills in project planning, time management, teamwork, research and reflection while providing school and community service. Current group  projects include the school garden, Mount Tolmie restoration, Ocean plastics and shoreline cleanups, elementary school programs, BC politics, climate change, recycling and more.

As students develop leadership skills, they may apply to be on the KELP council which meets biweekly and maintains communication, training, mentorship and support for students working on group projects.

The Big Ideas include:

  • Local environments contain diverse ecosystems with many roles and relationships
  • Interconnected systems sustain healthy ecosystems
  • Human practices affect the sustainability of ecosystems
  • Humans can play a role in conservation and restoration of ecosystems
  • Human activities have caused changes to the global climate system
  • Living sustainably supports the well-being of self, community and Earth

The course participants meet on Tuesday at lunch and have many after school commitments over the entire school year. Students may take Environmental Leadership in Grades 10, 11 and 12.