Food Studies 09

Kick up the flavor as you expand your culinary skills and become a confident chef as you learn how to cook. We will learn the basic skills of preparing foods for a healthy, balanced diet and ways to integrate healthful cooking into everyday life.  We will also increase our awareness of the food supply chain and consumer responsibility by engaging in projects that cover topics such as food policy, food safety, and waste.

Students may participate in activities such as:

  • preparing and tasting foods like frittatas and pasties and favorites like cinnamon buns, mac & cheese, stir fry and chocolate cake.
  • preparing breakfasts, lunches, and dinners
  • exploring the world of vegetables and grains
  • preparing baked products and desserts

This is a “hands-on” course so class participation and enthusiasm are essential for success. Come with a willingness to work with others and explore the world of food.