Food Studies 12

Course code: MFOOD12---
Credits: 4

Come globe-trotting with us as we experience the taste sensations and customs of many fascinating cultures from countries around the world!

Of course, we also want to prepare you for the challenge of living on your own someday so we will learn how to shop for, and prepare nutritious, economical and practical meals as well. The course will also explore our attitudes towards food, including food consumption, waste, safety, policies, marketing and security. We emphasize nutritious lifestyle choices which are easy to integrate into everyday life.

No course is complete without a few “Chopped” episodes! This is a “hands-on” course with an emphasis on teamwork and communication which are transferable skills to working. Class enthusiasm and daily participation are essential for success.

This course is taught in conjunction with Food Studies 11 and cycles through a curriculum that allows students to take both courses.