Introductory Italian 11

Course code: MBIT—11---
Credits: 4

This course has been very popular for two years and we are excited to continue to offer

Beginner’s Italian 11!  It is an introductory one-year course for senior students who want to sample another language other than French or Spanish.   Students will acquire Italian fluency through reading, story telling, class discussions, songs, movies and cultural lessons. Throughout this course students increase their appreciation of music, art and culture. Some culture lessons include preparing an authentic meal, Italian cinema, and song study.   This is a fantastic course for anyone interested in acquiring basic communication skills for travel, a work co-op or studying Italian in university.  Be prepared to have fun while developing Italian language skills! 

If you have any questions about this course do not hesitate to contact the instructor Ms. Ciccone at

This course fulfills the language 11 requirement for SFU.