Media Design 11

Credits: 4
Media Design 11 will enable students to explore and gain skills in the creation of digital art using professional software. Students will learn and apply principles of design and storytelling while creating personalized projects in: Photoshop, Graphic Design & Character Design, 2D Animation, Video & Movie Production, and Movie Visual Special Effects. This class takes place in a computer lab setting, though no prior computer experience is required. This course will provide a skill and knowledge-base jump-start to students entering a post-secondary program in media production or animation.
Students may participate in activities such as:‚Äč
  • Edit and Create Compositions in Adobe Photoshop
  • Use Graphics software to create illustrations, logos
  • Create 2D Characters and Animations
  • Edit video and create short movies
  • Learn principles of cinematography, lighting and storytelling for movies & animation.
  • Create movie visual effects such as green screen, light sabers.