Peer Tutoring 10

Credits: 4
 Teacher Recommendation

Students can receive credit by providing study support, homework review, and encouragement to fellow students. Opportunities include assisting teachers in the classroom and one-on-one tutoring of peers during lunchtime or afterschool sessions.

This course is offered outside of the timetable. The course runs from September to June. Students log their tutoring experiences and hours on the Peer Tutoring website. Several written projects and oral presentations provide tutors with opportunities to share their knowledge regarding study tips, organizational skills and a range of other topics. Students may wish to take a block devoted to being a classroom tutor. Weekly meetings provide tutors with the opportunity to share ideas and strategies.

Why should you be a tutor?

  • To help students feel good about themselves as learners
  • To assist students with missed assignments or homework
  • To be a conversation partner and provide ELL assistance to our international students
  • To reach out to our local elementary schools
  • To experience the satisfaction that comes from helping others
  • To obtain a valuable reference from teachers for your resume and university applications!