Photography 12

Credits: 4

Photography 12 is our most advanced photography course at Mt. Doug. It builds upon existing photographic skills and knowledge you acquired from having learned the essentials from taken Photography 10 or Photography 11.

Through collaboration between the student and teacher, Photography 12 is a customized course that is individually tailored for each student’s particular interests and photographic goals.

Below are some various things previous photography students had chosen to accomplish. What catches your eye? As long as it is creative, relevant and will help you grow as a photographer, we can do it!

  • Shoot custom photo assignments (street, nature, documentary, etc),
  • Develop advanced photo editing skills using Capture One Pro and Adobe Photoshop,
  • Shoot advanced portraiture using flashes and modifiers,
  • Discover drone photography and video,
  • Learn and shoot 35mm film photography,
  • Incorporate writing, possibly through photojournalism or photo essays,
  • Dig deeper into the history of photography or of a particular photographer(s),
  • Gain a better understanding about the business of photography and how to succeed as a photographer.

Note, there will be a handful of essential mini topics that will be required to complete, to ensure you get the most out of this course. In the end, Photo 12 students will have created a sleek portfolio to showcase their photography for potential jobs or art school entrance requirements. You will truly become a stronger photographer by taking this course. Greater access to materials and equipment will be provided. For more information, check out the official course page here!

Note: If you do not have a camera, the program has both film and digital cameras students can sign out for use!

Prerequisites: A grade of B or better in Photography 10 or Photography 11, or approval from the photography teacher.

© Photo Credit: S.P. (previous Photo 12 student)