Physical Geography 12

Credits: 4

Are you fascinated by how our planet functions? Are you concerned with the environment and feel proactive about the challenges our world faces in the future? Are you curious about an introduction to a fascinating field of study with endless job prospects, or a course that many universities count as a science credit for entrance requirements? Physical Geography 12 is an outstanding course that will truly give you a greater appreciation of the world you inhabit.

The course begins with a study of the earth’s physical processes that includes an investigation into volcanoes, earthquakes and other tectonic processes. It continues with a study of climate and unique weather phenomena, and proceeds to include an analysis of glaciation, desertification and many other physical processes. Physical Geography 12 then explores the human impact on our planet with an examination of resource management and environmental concerns and strategies for the future.

Instruction will include group discussions and debates, interactive presentations, and is reinforced with dynamic films and documentaries.