Physics 11

Credits: 4

Students gain an appreciation for how things work in our physical world by investigating the laws of physics. This academic course is best suited for curious students with a strong work ethic. 

The Big Ideas include: 

  • The prediction, analysis, and description of an object’s motion.
  • Forces and their influence on the motion of an object. 
  • The conservation of energy and the work-energy relationship. 
  • Waves and properties of light. 

Topics covered are: graphing skills and interpretation; 1-D and 2-D kinematics; vectors and projectile motion; dynamics including Newton’s laws of motion; inertia; impulse and conservation of momentum; energy; work, and power; and waves with applications.  Additional investigations into optics, electricity and special relativity may take place (at the teacher’s discretion).

Evaluation is based on (but not limited to): assignments, lab reports, project work, tests, quizzes and a school-wide final examination.

A scientific calculator is required for this course. Graphing calculators are not allowed in Physics 11.

Recommended: Science 10 and Foundations of Mathematics & Pre-Calculus with at least a B.