Pre-Calculus Mathematics 11

Credits: 4

Prerequisites: Foundations of Math and Pre-Calculus 10 ( 65% + is recommended )

Before choosing your Grade 11 Math course please read the following information because it may affect your Science 11 choice(s).  If you are registering for Pre-Calculus 11, recommended science choices for this pathway are Chemistry 11, Physics 11 or Biology 11 (you may need to take more than one Science elective if you are going into Sciences).  If you are taking Foundations of Math 11, recommended science elective is Biology 11 or Earth Science 11. If you are taking Apprentice and Workplace Math 11, your science recommendation is Earth Science 11.

Pre-calculus 11 is intended for students who are going into post-secondary programs that require the study of theoretical calculus, such as mathematics, science computer studies, engineering and business. Topics covered: Operations on radicals, rational expressions and equations, trigonometry, factoring polynomials, absolute value functions, square root functions quadratic functions, rational functions, solving quadratic equations, systems of equations, and solving inequalities.