Science 09

Students gain a foundation in scientific processes and preparation for senior Science courses while exploring four strands of science.

The Big Ideas for this course are: 

  • Living organisms  are derived from cells. The Continuity of Life explores cell theory and various forms of reproduction. 
  • The electron arrangement of atoms impacts their chemical nature. Chemical Science includes how electron arrangement impacts atomic theory, the periodic table, elements and chemical formulae.
  • Electric current is the flow of electric charge.   Electric Currents are compared with labs and projects focusing on static charges, series and parallel circuits and power consumption.
  • The biosphere, geosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere are interconnected, as matter cycles and energy flows through them. Ecology and our connection to all earth’s spheres are examined through sustainability, cycles of matter, role of the sun and energy flow through ecosystems.

Evaluation is based on (but not limited to): assignments, lab reports, project work, tests, quizzes and a school-wide final examination.