Spanish 09

Did you know that almost half the population of the Western Hemisphere speaks Spanish? Why not prepare yourself for future travel and greater professional opportunities? Nervous about taking a second language?  Fortunately, Spanish is a phonetic language and therefore it  is more accessible to many students.  This is because the language is written in a way that is very close to how it is pronounced.  

In Spanish 9 students will begin an exciting journey to Spanish fluency through storytelling, reading, songs, video clips and cultural lessons.  Some cultural lessons may include cooking, el Día de los Muertos, family, and la quinceañera.  This course is intended for students who are beginners and have no previous knowledge of Spanish.  Students who are bilingual will have a tremendous advantage in learning this new language!  If you have any questions about this course do not hesitate to contact the instructor Ms. Ciccone at