Workplace Mathematics 11

Credits: 4

Before reading the description of Workplace Mathematics 11, please read the following information which may help you determine your Science 11 choice.   If you are registering for Pre-Calculus 11, recommended science choices for this pathway are Chemistry 11, Physics 11 or Life Sciences 11 (you may need to take more than one Science elective if you are going into Sciences).  If you are taking Foundations of Math 11, the recommended science elective is Life Sciences 11 or Earth Science 11. If you are taking Apprentice and Workplace Math 11, your science recommendation is Earth Science 11.

Workplace Math 11 offers students an opportunity to solve “real life” problems involving: Simple and Compound Interest, Credit Cards, Personal Budgeting, Financial Institution Services, Graphs of various types, Slope and Rates of Change, SI and Imperial units of measure, Unit Analysis.

Note: This course satisfies the Grade 11 Math requirement for graduation, but does not satisfy the university entrance math requirement.