Entrepreneurship 12

Credits: 4

There are only two kinds of money in the world, money you work for and…….money that works for you!  

Don’t leave high school without Business and Financial Education. Money comes and goes, but if you have Financial Education about how money works, you gain power over it and can begin building wealth. (Rich Dad, Poor Dad)

Through our exciting, hands-on, practical approach to entrepreneurship, learn how to create a business and gain an understanding of the entrepreneurial spirit involved in the World of Business.  Develop the skills necessary to effectively carry out an entrepreneurial venture. All businesses begin with the ideas of entrepreneurs. Start your business career now by enrolling in Entrepreneurship 12!

Student Lessons and Learning through our Collaborative Entrepreneurship Process:

  • Recognize entrepreneurial opportunities and take creative risks
  • Explore types of business ventures and social entrepreneurship focusing on developing and implementing solutions for social, cultural, and environmental challenges and sustainability and ethics
  • Identify factors that can promote innovation and entrepreneurial success, including networking, product/service knowledge, and market analysis
  • Recognize characteristics of the global market and local economic trends
  • Research components of starting a small business, including registration and financial considerations
  • Develop interpersonal and presentation skills to promote products and/or services and to interact with clients
  • Explore emerging career options for young entrepreneurs
  • Identify opportunities: identification of gaps where entrepreneurial opportunities might exist; experimentation with entrepreneurial ventures
  • Generate ideas and enhance others’ ideas to create a range of possibilities