HIP HOP and Dance Conditioning 12

In partnership with Vibestreet HipHop Dance Studio, we are excited to offer this dance course at Mount Doug. This course is designed for students who wish to solely dance in the... Read more

Advanced Placement Computer Science

This course covers topics typically found in a college-level first course in computer science, and provides a solid preparation for the AP Computer Science A examination. The course emphasis is on... Read more

Advanced Placement Statistics

AP Statistics Pre/Co-requisites: English 11 and Pre-Calculus Math 11 (86% or higher is recommended). This course is offered inside the timetable four days a week in semester one, and outside... Read more

Advanced Placement Physics

This is a calculus based course that covers topics found in a first year University course in classical mechanics.  Topics include kinematics, dynamics, statics, energy, momentum, rotational dynamics, gravitation, and... Read more

Advanced Placement Calculus

Prerequisites: Pre-Calculus Math 12 (86% or higher is recommended) A block of Advanced Placement Calculus will be offered to a group of students. This group will be chosen by the Math... Read more

Scholarship Preparation 12

This course is specifically designed for highly academic Grade 12 Honour Roll students. If you would like to be as informed as possible about the opportunities available for scholarship and... Read more

Instrumental Music: Jazz Band 12

(Offered early mornings, evenings, and/or lunchtime) Prerequisites: Must be enrolled in Concert Band 12 except by special permission of instructor. Students will further develop jazz literacy and skills in this course. Students... Read more

Instrumental Music: Guitar 12

 Students will have the opportunity to learn various aspects of guitar playing, including chording (both open position and barre chords), strumming technique, reading tablature, song accompaniment, and beginning fingerpicking.  A... Read more

Instrumental Music: Concert Band 12

(This is a full year course. Students will take an alternating subject, opposite band) This course will continue to develop a high level of practical instrumental skills, performance methods and music... Read more

Pre-calculus Mathematics 12 – Honours

Students must apply to this course --- see current teacher. Same content as Pre-Calculus Mathematics 12 but all topics are covered in greater detail. Math contest questions will be covered in... Read more

Environmental Leadership 11

If you are interested in exploring  local ecosystems and global environmental dynamics while working with others to design and run events that  make a difference then this course is for... Read more

Environmental Leadership 12

If you are interested in exploring  local ecosystems and global environmental dynamics while working with others to design and run events that  make a difference then this course is for... Read more

English First Peoples 12

This course will fulfill the Indigenous content requirement for graduation (as will English First Peoples 12 and Contemporary Indigenous Studies 12). English First Peoples 12 builds upon and extends students’ previous... Read more

Photography 12

Photography 12 is our most advanced photography course at Mt. Doug. It builds upon existing photographic skills and knowledge you acquired from having learned the essentials from taken Photography 10... Read more

Art Studio 12

This course is for students who want to expand their creative potential in the 2D dry medium of drawing, and wet medium like painting. Students will be challenged to develop... Read more

Drama 12

Drama 12 acts as an extension of the curriculum and content explored in Drama 11. Students in this course will be expected to provide leadership and mentorship for Drama 11 students. Drama 12 students... Read more

Dance Foundations 12

Looking to have some fun? Want to try dance in a safe and welcoming environment? Come join our Dance Foundations class!! This course is designed for students without any or very... Read more

Spanish 12

Spanish 12 is a continuation of Spanish 11. Students will continue to learn through storytelling and will be required to spend time outside of class reading or listening to Spanish.... Read more

Core French 12

Oral and written communication, and acquisition of information and reading comprehension skills will be emphasized. Evaluation includes classwork, individual and group projects, and quizzes in all 4 skills: aural/oral, reading and... Read more

Yoga for Mindfulness 12

If you are looking to focus on your mental and physical health and wellness, then this is the course for you. Students taking this course will experience the health benefits... Read more

Active Living 12

This PE class emphasizes being active through game play.  This course is designed to provide students with learning opportunities and activities to develop the necessary attitudes and skills needed to... Read more

Design & Innovation 12

Let your own interests and passions guide your learning in Design and Innovation 12.  In this course you will learn how to apply the steps of the design thinking process... Read more

Drafting 12

This course is open to all students in grade 12. Course programs are developed based on level of experience: First Year Drafting & Design Students (no prerequisite) This computer based (CADD) course in... Read more

Woodwork 12

This course refines and develops students’ skills and safety awareness, and allows students to spend additional time in the area of their own choice at a more advanced level of... Read more

Engine & Drivetrain 12

This course is designed for students who have completed Automotive 11 & 12 and wish to further their studies in automotive technology. This could include automatic or manual transmission rebuilds,... Read more

Automotive Technology 12

As only one of a few schools on Lower Vancouver Island to offer this course, Mount Doug is extremely pleased to give students the chance to learn in a professional... Read more

Robotics 12

First Year Robotics:  Robotics is an introductory course where you will learn the fundamental skills to design, program, and develop the electronics to engineer your own robot. Using a variety of resources... Read more

Graphic Production 12 (Yearbook 12)

This course was formerly called Yearbook 12. If you have an interest in journalism, digital SLR photography, layout, writing, graphic art, and design, then this 4 credit course is for... Read more

3D Animation 12 (Digital Media)

This course is open to all students in grades 11 and 12, or to grade 10’s who have taken Information and Communications Technology 9. Have you seen “The Incredibles”? In this course,... Read more

Computer Programming 12 (Web Development 12)

Formerly called Web Development 12. Advanced development in Web Technologies including HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, and PHP. Develop Progressive Web Apps for mobile devices. Libraries such as Bootstrap and JQuery may also... Read more

Computer Science 12

Learn to program Space Invaders! This course will prepare you for a career in Computer Science, Software Engineering, and Information and Computer Systems. This course is a recommended prerequisite for... Read more

Computer Science 11

This course is open to all grade 11 and 12 students, or to grade 10’s who have completed Information Technology 9. No prior coding experience is required.  This course is... Read more

Computer Studies 10

Students will: learn how computers work learn how the internet works learn about hardware learn the basics of programming polish computer literacy learn how to use apps that are common... Read more

Accounting 12

Accounting 12 is a continuation of Accounting 11 for any student interested in pursuing a career and/or further studies in Finance, Business or Commerce.   Accounting 12 will build on the... Read more

Physics 12

Physics 12 builds on the concepts from classical mechanics that were introduced in Physics 11. New areas introduced include circular motion, torque, electo-magnetism, and Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity. The... Read more

Chemistry 12

The Chemistry 12 work is abstract and intensive, requiring a good problem-solving capability within both analytical and theoretical contexts. Mathematical concepts required beyond Chemistry 11 include logarithms and the ability... Read more

Anatomy and Physiology 12

This is an advanced and comprehensive Biology course that focuses on biochemistry, human anatomy and physiology. Human digestion, circulation, respiration, excretion, reproduction and the overall control by the nervous system,... Read more

Creative Writing 12

Do words delight you, intrigue you, inspire you, lure you, or otherwise invite you? Creative Writing 12 encourages students to give free rein to their written expression. The course offers practical... Read more

English Studies 12

English Studies 12 is a required course that extends students’ previous learning experiences. It is designed for all students, providing opportunities to refine the ability to communicate effectively,  and think... Read more

Advanced Placement English

English 12 Advanced Placement provides a prime opportunity to sharpen writing skills, enhance reading sophistication, and broaden knowledge via the study of challenging literature.   This course prepares students to write... Read more