HIP HOP and Dance Conditioning 11

In partnership with Vibestreet HipHop Dance Studio, we are excited to offer this dance course at Mount Doug. This course is designed for students who wish to solely dance in the... Read more

Instrumental Music: Jazz Band 11

(Offered early mornings, evenings, and/or lunchtime) Prerequisites: Must be enrolled in Concert Band 11. Exception by special permission of instructor. Students will further develop jazz literacy and skills in this course. Students... Read more

Instrumental Music: Guitar 11

 Students will have the opportunity to learn various aspects of guitar playing, including chording (both open position and barre chords), strumming technique, reading tablature, song accompaniment, and beginning fingerpicking.  A... Read more

Instrumental Music: Concert Band 11

This is a full year course. Students will take an alternating subject, opposite band This course will continue to develop a high level of practical instrumental skills, performance methods and music... Read more

Psychology 11

Do you want to better understand your friends, peers, and family? Learn more about yourself? This is a fascinating introductory course into the study of psychology that can be taken in... Read more

Criminology 12

Course Content: Criminology is a high-interest graduation elective. This course covers both the history and the theory of crime. It also addresses the debate regarding the causes of criminal behaviour... Read more

Environmental Leadership 11

If you are interested in exploring  local ecosystems and global environmental dynamics while working with others to design and run events that  make a difference then this course is for... Read more

Environmental Leadership 12

If you are interested in exploring  local ecosystems and global environmental dynamics while working with others to design and run events that  make a difference then this course is for... Read more

Photography 11

Photography 11 is an introductory course where you learn the essentials of photography. No experience is required, and all grades are welcomed. Cameras can be provided! In this course you... Read more

Art Studio 11

Areas of art: drawing, painting, sculpture, and mixed media. Students will develop a personal style as well as develop critical skills in art. Students registered in this course will work more... Read more

Drama 11

Drama 11 builds on and extends learning developed in previous drama curricula.  Drama 11 allows students to explore a variety of drama forms and styles and to expand and refine their learning... Read more

Dance Foundations 11

Looking to have some fun? Want to try dance in a safe and welcoming environment? Come join our Dance Foundations class!! This course is designed for students without any or very... Read more

Core French 11

Students will develop skills in spoken and written French. The course includes the study of grammar, vocabulary and verbs; sight-reading; the development of oral-aural skills; and comprehension in reading selections. Evaluation... Read more

Yoga for Mindfulness 11

If you are looking to focus on your mental and physical health and wellness, then this is the course for you. Students taking this course will experience the health benefits... Read more

Design & Innovation 11

Let your own interests and passions guide your learning in Design and Innovation 11. In this course you will learn how to apply the steps of the design thinking process... Read more

Drafting 11

This course is open to all students in grade 10. Course programs are developed based on level of experience: First Year Drafting & Design Students (no prerequisite) This computer based (CADD) course... Read more

Woodwork 11

First year Woodwork students will learn to use various machines in the woodwork shop, learn workshop safety and develop an appreciation for good design. Students build an assigned project and... Read more

Automotive Technology 11

As only one of a few schools on Lower Vancouver Island to offer this course, Mount Doug is extremely pleased to give students the chance to learn in a professional... Read more

Robotics 11

First Year Robotics:  Robotics is an introductory course where you will learn the fundamental skills to design, program, and develop the electronics to engineer your own robot. Using a variety of resources... Read more

Graphic Production 11 (Yearbook 11)

This course was formerly called Yearbook 11. If you have an interest in journalism, digital SLR photography, layout, writing, graphic art, and design, then this 4 credit course is for... Read more

3D Animation 12 (Digital Media)

This course is open to all students in grades 11 and 12, or to grade 10’s who have taken Information and Communications Technology 9. Have you seen “The Incredibles”? In this course,... Read more

Media Design 11

Media Design 11 will enable students to explore and gain skills in the creation of digital art using professional software. Students will learn and apply principles of design and storytelling... Read more

Computer Science 11

This course is open to all grade 11 and 12 students, or to grade 10’s who have completed Information Technology 9. No prior coding experience is required.  This course is... Read more

Computer Studies 10

Students will: learn how computers work learn how the internet works learn about hardware learn the basics of programming polish computer literacy learn how to use apps that are common... Read more

Accounting 11

Are you interested in managing your money and budgets, exploring the idea of an accounting career, or want to acquire accounting basics for a future career in business management? Then... Read more

Physics 11

Students gain an appreciation for how things work in our physical world by investigating the laws of physics. This academic course is best suited for curious students with a strong... Read more

Environmental Science 11

Students in Environmental Science will explore local land and ocean based ecosystems while applying First Peoples perspectives and knowledge. There is an emphasis on hands-on experiential and project based learning... Read more

Chemistry 11

Students will be introduced to a variety of different chemistry concepts related to the Big Ideas for this course.  Chemistry 11 is an academic course that prepares students to continue... Read more

Life Sciences 11

This academic course looks at the evolutionary trends throughout the spectrum of living things and the traits that unite them. Students will learn about microorganisms, simple unicellular life, plants and... Read more

Spoken Language 11

Spoken Language 11 is designed to support students as they refine, clarify, and adjust their spoken communication through practice and revision.  The course provides opportunities to study, create, and present... Read more

New Media 11

New Media 11 is aimed at providing students with a set of skills vital for success in an increasingly complex digital world. Possible focus areas include media and film studies,... Read more

Literary Studies 11

Literary Studies 11 allows students to delve deeply into literature. Students can explore specific themes, periods, authors, or areas of the world through literary works (fiction and non-fiction) and further... Read more

Creative Writing 11

Creative Writing 11 is designed for students interested in honing their writing skills and exploring self-expression for various creative purposes in a wide range of genres that may include short... Read more

Composition 11

Composition 11 helps students refine their written communication through practice and revision. Students study compositions by other writers as models for the development of their writing. The course provides opportunities... Read more